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AB-3S-40.5 Series Reclosers
AB-3S-40.5 Series Circuit-breakers
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AB-3S-12 Series Circuit-breakers


  Yangzhou New Concept Electric Co., Ltd specializes in the research, development and production of outdoor high-voltage switchgear, control gear ,feeder automation ,feeder terminal unit and transformer terminal unit for the power distribution systems. The company is a member of the electric power industry association of Jiangsu Province.There are over 10 senior engineers working for the company. Most of the senior engineers are specialists in recloser and distribution automation.The company's main products include AB-3S series outdoor high-voltage vacuum magnetic actuators automatic recloser,AB-3S series outdoor high-voltage vacuum magnetic actuator's circuit-breakers, ZS-10 vacuum switches, NCC-2000 Substation Automation System, PBZ2000 distribution transformer automation system, attemper simulation set and a varieties of electric parameters transformer, temperature transformer,aptitude archives potential transformer and so on.Among the products,AB-3S-12/630-20 outdoor high-voltage vacuum magnetic actuators automatic recloser are patented in China and has been branded high-tech product by Jiangsu provincial government. AB-3S-12/630-20 has employed world-class technology.

  Geographically,New Concept Electric Co., Ltd is located in Yangzhou city of Jiangsu Province,a well-known city with long history and rich culture.The company has a modern professional management team and is ISO9001/2000 certified in 2003. Our mission is to provide the power industry with the state of the art technology and excellent services.